The Message of Love is Tolerance

Inspired by the famous speech of Charlie Chaplin in THE GREAT DICTATOR, at the end the film LOVE IS TOLERANCE – TOLERANCE IS LOVE, asks: how I can make love and tolerance great again?

The documentary is a world-wide search for the golden nuggets of tolerance on our beautiful planet earth.

Using the statements from the many Champions of Tolerance seen before, the movie demands from the audience:

Listen you silent majority. Wake up. Stand up.

Do not leave a vacuum for hate-mongers, extremists, terrorists, the forces of darkness.

Don’t blame the bad guys but yourself for being too passive.

Light a candle of tolerance each day.

Become active as a warrior for love.

Promote tolerance and respect each day with many small steps.

Join the forces of love and tolerance.

Be tolerant out of egoism.

Free yourself.

Make yourself great.

Whoever does good will in turn also become a better and happier person, free from the dark heavy burden of hate.

Fight for humanity.

Contain racism, extremism and terror

Impeach hate and the forces of evil

With no tolerance for intolerance.

Propagate humanity wherever whenever.

Fight for the good and contain the bad.

Let us all together create a better world 3.0 for us and our children.

Let us build more bridges, not more walls.

Tear down your inner walls of mistrust and prejudges.

Become cosmopolitan and say YES to tolerance and diversity- with a thinking heart and a loving mind.

Get to know other religions, cultures and different ways of thinking, enriching yourself.

Treat everybody like you want to be treated. This is the Golden global Rule of Tolerance since 2000 years.

Only when you love yourself you can love and tolerate others as well.

Become a polite, better person and thus make you happy and others as well.

Become more human every day with small kind deeds.

Forgive mistakes, become more merciful and try reconciliation.

Make your enemies your opponents, and your opponents your new friends.

Be open. Live and let live.

Be more friendly to everybody.

Practice the religion of love-

Open your heart.

Give love.

Be humble.

Stand up for love.

Love is tolerance and tolerance is love!