What is Tolerance ?

Tolerance and respect are the basic requirements for peaceful coexistence in our globalized world, tells us the fresh documentary LOVE IS TOLERANCE – TOLERANCE IS LOVE.

Extend to those who are strangers a positive and cheerful “Grüß Gott!”, “Shalom!” or “As-Salamu alaykum!”. These are greeting of the heart.

Tolerance must not be equated with simply letting people have their way. It must encompass proactive respect and love for humanity which are essential soft elements of peacemaking. It includes active advocacy against discrimination, xenophobia, and intolerant seducers.

In the ambiguous concept of “tolerance” various meanings come together including forbearance, open-mindedness, unprejudiced attitude, mobility, generosity and humanity.

We must protect the delicate basic foundations of peace with the same commitment we protect the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Do we really have to define tolerance first? We agree with Karl Popper, who pointed out that the academic desire for definitions of concepts is not really of much help, instead we need generally comprehensible analyses and ideas.

The notion of “being tolerant” – essential for the reality of human beings – is a broad term and at the same time an expression of a positive attitude toward life.

Let us

    • not build more walls, but more bridges.
    • look what unites us, not focus on what is different.
    • open our hearts and minds for the new and unknown.
    • start an active tolerance march with many small steps.

Tolerance is not endless, like there is no unlimited liberty for everybody.

To make our world a better place, we must seek ways to stop and contain the propagandists of hatred and violence and any terrorist, who aim to wage war against other religions and ethnic minorities and kill innocent people.

No tolerance for intolerance!