Is Islam Promoting Hate and Terror in the Name of Allah?

Is Islam, with its 1.7 billion believers, promoting hate and terror ‘in the name of Allah‘, asks the documentary LOVE IS TOLERANCE.

Director Hubertus Hoffmann went to the United Arab Emirates,  a glittering, oil-rich Arab country of the Gulf. This state has jumped into today with the tallest skyscrapers and even taller imagination. A total population of 6 million, including 88 percent foreign workers. With a mix of old Bedouin and Islamic traditions with new visions it rushes into the future with steady reforms and hope. The leadership promotes religious tolerance and education for women.

In the film, Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh, the minister in the cabinet of the United Arab Emirates, talks about Islam and tolerance. He is Mr. Culture from the most famous Muslim family in Jerusalem. For 1,300 years, the Muslim Nusseibeh family have been the guardians and door-keepers of the holiest Church of Christianity. The two holiest sites in Christianity are in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the site where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified; and an empty tomb in a place called Golgotha, where Jesus is said to have been buried and resurrected. The documentary also shows this most important church in Jerusalem.

Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh is a fan of Richard Wagner a wise man. He was a close advisor to the founding father of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed. In the documentary, he said, “Our own religion has been kidnapped by outsiders to the true values of Islam. They managed to put an image of Islam as a terrorist belief. Islam is the ability to open yourself to the friendship with other people of the world. It is based on tolerance, acceptance of the others and openness. Islam is based on the need to do good.”

The minister spoke about the founder of the UAE, ”Sheikh Zayed was an active believer. He always said that God has created us on earth in different sects, colors and religions. Your religion is an accident of geography. This is God’s will.”

‘There is always an evil in any individual. Our religion teaches us, that the only true closeness to your creator is your ability to do good to those around you. We truly need ourselves within the Muslim world to take back our values, our own religion and to teach and promote our religion as it truly is  as one of love and tolerance and acceptance of all others.”

Director Hubertus Hoffmann asked Imam Omar Habtoor Aldrai, the Director of IFTA General Authority for Islamic Affairs in the UAE (pictured below with Director Hubertus Hoffman), “What is the true teaching of tolerance in Islam? Will we find Codes of Tolerance in the Qur’an?”

Aldrai said, “God loves people. He created them. He says in the Qur’an: We have honored the children of Abraham (17:70). No one is permitted to violate the dignity of a human being in any way. Those in terrorist organizations depart from Islam. Life is sacrosanct before God. It is not permitted to kill or terrorize anyone.” The young imam continued, “Respecting another religion is a way of practicing Islam. It is my religion that motivates me to respect other religions. It is not acceptable for a Muslim to attack people of other religions.”

After many talks with Islam experts, LOVE IS TOLERANCE is presenting the 10 Codes of Tolerance in the true, peaceful Islam; thus giving hope for a peaceful coexistence with the 1.7 billion Muslims:

Code 1: Dominance of the Most Merciful God.

Code 2: A-salam u alycum:  Peace be with you!

Code 3: Punishment and reward on the Last Day.

Code 4: The Prophet’s aim of hilm and harmony.

Code 5: When Mohammad conquered Mecca in 630 CE: No revenge, no Islamic dictatorship.

Code 6: Islam shares 14 prophets with Christians and Jews, including Abraham and Moses, as well as Jesus.

Code 7: In the Qur’an, 27 verses motivate respect towards Christians and Jews.

Code 8: Mohammad and the first Caliphs signed 14 tolerance contracts with the Christians.

Code 9: Any use of force in jihad is restricted to self-defense, coupled with the demand for peacemaking.

Code 10: The tradition of tolerance in Islam at the time of the Prophet and the Golden Age.

The film gives a positive message to the world: tolerance with Muslims is not only possible, but inspired by these 10 Commandments of Tolerance in the Qur’an and the life of Prophet Muhammad.