We all need a peaceful future, full of tolerance, respect and love between us 7.5 billion different human beings.

The soft factors of peacemaking, including tolerance, must serve as the foundation on which be build and preserve peace. It cannot be upheld by the hard factors of peacemaking alone.

For us tolerance, respect and love are the oil of the peace flame, a candle of humanity.

Our team looks for Champions of Tolerance and best practices all over the world and in all religions.

We promote the Codes of Tolerance to wake up the silent majority and enhance tolerance and respect and to contain radical hate mongers and terrorists.

We believe tolerance is an ambiguous concept and comprises of various meanings such as forbearance, open-mindedness, impartiality, generosity, and compassion.

The essence for the reality of humans – the tangible “being tolerant“ – is a an expression of a positive attitude towards life: appreciation of and joy for diversity as an enrichment of one’s own life, respect of faith, culture and dignity of others, as well as a cosmopolitan outlook.

Tolerance includes active advocacy against discrimination, xenophobia, and intolerant seducers of any kind, it is the love of humanity.

It must have equal effect on either side: foreigners and the minorities must show tolerance in their new homelands, and the natives and majorities must be tolerant toward the newcomers.

Let us protect our small globe in the midst of an infinite universe from the hate mongers.

There can be no tolerance for intolerance anywhere.

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Why we all need more Tolerance

God’s DNA is Diversity

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