The Global Tolerance Inititive was founded in 2008 by German geostrategist, philantrophist and internet-pioneer Dr Hubertus Hoffmann to promote tolerance and respect towards other religions, ethnic minorities and races.

It is an important element in the soft factors of peace-making containing radicals and terrorists of all kind.

We are independent and global, looking for fresh ideas and best practices, based on the universal rules of the United Nations Charter.

Our team looks for Champions of Tolerance and best practices all over the world and in all religions and cultures


  • organize actions, waking up the silent majority to promote tolerance and respect and contain the (few) active radicals
  • publish books, produce films, art and fashion as creative tools of tolerance, and organize promotions and speeches all over the world, and
  • promote tolerance in a diverse world to contain hate and terror.

With our broad approach we reach out into politics, business, the media, sport and culture.

Let us all

  • engage for a more caring world of warmth, kindness, love and humanity
  • now actively stop and contain the extremists with our many small, good deeds
  • with no tolerance for any kind of intolerance. Contain and impeach the hate-mongers of any kind and any faith who are the swamp for terror as well.

If you want to support The Global Tolerance Initiative, please contact our Vice President Media, Tillmann Dietrich, at info@loveistolerance.com.

Media Contact

If you are interested in more background information, or you needs photos as a journalist, please write to info@loveistolerance.com.