Neon Installations

This video installation of six mirror boxes ( 90 cm x 90 cm)  with red neon signs inside contains The Codes of Tolerance below.

Hubertus Hoffmann uses red neon signs, plexiglas, a one-way-mirror, powder-coated aluminum, electronic light sequencer, and transformers for his political art project, promoting an active tolerance policy of the (still) too silent majorities against intolerances of all kind.

The quotes are based on the book “Love is Tolerance” by Hubertus Hoffmann and include the wisdom of tolerance from all over the world.

 ” god’s dna – is – diversity” – “love is tolerance – tolerance is love” – “don’t trump – love your neigbors” -“treat others-the way-you want-to be treated” – “no tolerance-for intolerance” – “silent-majority-rise-up”.

You look into a mirror and see yourself: Suddenly the red neon sign pop up, word by word, demanding you to think about the Codes of Tolerance.

One sentence demands YOU to join: “silent majority: rise up!”

The Golden Rule of Tolerance is included as well: “treat others the way you want to be treated.”

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Six light boxes as one mirror edition of 15 plus 2 artist's proof (AP),neon, plexiglas, one-way-mirror,powder-coated aluminum, electronic light sequencer, transformers, each signed, titled and dated on the reverse, each light box 90 x 90 x 11 cm (35.43 x 35.43 x 4.33 in.). Overall 270 x 180 x 11 cm (106.29 x 70.86 x 4.33 in.) Executed in 2017 this work is from an edition of 15 plus 2 artist's proofs- all six € 55,000 plus VAT