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LOVE IS TOLERANCE – TOLERANCE IS LOVE – Make Tolerance Great Again! is a global search for the Champions of Tolerance and how we can make tolerance great again to contain all extremists. Describing the value of diversity and respect towards social minorities and other religions. Including statements from The Dalai Lama, Malala, Yusuf Islam, and many young people.

The film is the first profound and cutting-edge documentary asking how we can contain hate-mongers, extremists, and terrorists of all kinds, and how to promote the human values of the United Nations to make love and tolerance great again.

Whether you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim, black or white, man or woman, the film addresses the intense discussions of the dignity of Mexicans, Jewish, Muslims and people from ethnic minorities in America, and what everybody all around the world can do to promote love and tolerance and contain the radicals.

This is the first film to delve deeper into women’s rights in Islam and the urgent need for tolerance worldwide. The film includes modern digital design and artistic elements, recalibrating what is typically seen in a classic documentary, with the purpose to speak to the younger generation at their frequency – so to activate the millennial and Gen Z generation to contain radicals and appreciate diversity.

Political Zeitgeist producer Hubertus Hoffmann has done research for the film for ten years. In his book Love is Tolerance, Hoffmann writes of The Golden Rules and Champion of Tolerance in the world, covering places, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The book was published in six languages, including Arabic.

The film profiles the first ‘Minister for Tolerance’ in the world, Mariam al-Mansouri, first female Muslim F-16 pilot, leading United Arab Emirates (UAE) mission airstrikes against ISIS, and covers what education is for tolerance and religious tolerance in the UAE – subject matters often not spoken about and quite unknown. The film also includes exclusive statements from two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi, and famous singer Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), about women rights and tolerance in the Qur’an.

Hoffmann wanders the globe, traveling to Brussels-Molenbeek, known as ‘The Terror Nest in Europe,’ and Hoffman’s hometown Goslar, Germany, covering the integration of Muslims, containment of terrorists and the loss of personal roots.

In Israel and Palestine, the director finds ‘Champions of Tolerance’ on both sides – a Muslim family, gatekeepers of the holiest church in Christianity for 1300 years; a Palestinian from Jenin, who donated the organs of his son (killed accidentally by an Israeli soldier), to six children of his enemy; a Jewish lady from Haifa visiting the family of the young suicide-bomber, who had killed her husband.

With its unique global search for The Golden Rules and Champions of Tolerance, Love is Tolerance – Tolerance is Love includes exclusive interviews with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, presents The Rules of Tolerance in Buddhism, and visits a Hindu healer in Ubud, Bali. The film also looks for fresh approaches in the rainbow nation of South Africa.

God’s DNA is diversity. Life is diversity in our global village, tells the film.

Young people from different origins speak out, ending with a plea and concrete Codes of Tolerance – how everybody can promote love and make tolerance great again.

Why is this fresh, modern documentary about love and tolerance unique?

It is using five inspiringly fresh elements:

Contrary to most documentaries, which often opts to use a male voice to narrate, Love is Tolerance – Tolerance is Love uses a female narrator, Carrie Getman de Agudo, from the United States, to speak about tolerance, respect, and diversity. Director Hubertus Hoffmann explains, “The female elements represents the soft factors of peacemaking. You listen to her like you did with your mother.”

Inspired by the book Love is Tolerance,  written by Director Hubertus Hoffmann, Berlin-based Rapper Yansn wrote a unique rap LOVE IS TOLERANCE for the documentary. Here is the text:


This is for everybody, like me, 
who can no longer stand what his eyes see, 
hate seems to grow in our society, 
but can’t u see how mighty we could be,
 I am sure most people on our earth want peace, we all need to join hands and set our force free sleeping majority how long you gonna wait
 silently watching people who strew hate 
the sum of each of us is the big chance
 get up and spread love and tolerance 
we must become actively involved and promote respect and tolerance for each and every soul 
for different cultures, religions and different needs, genders, feelings, each minority
for all the different colors and forms, we need it for every human being in his own uniqueness.


Stand up for tolerance and love 
cause what we need is tolerance and love
we need to promote it against all the weapons everyday with many small gestures and actions! Stand up for tolerance and love
 cause what we need is tolerance and love let’s be the mass of tolerance and love, love is tolerance and tolerance is love!

The documentary uses fresh and modern design with many elements from social media. ‘We want to attract both Millenials and Gen Z generations, who use Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. To speak to the younger generation at their frequency, we need shorter cuts, icons, or split images,’ explains director Hubertus Hoffmann.

It is global – symbolized with cut-in NASA videos from Mother Earth, Love is Tolerance interweaves a collection of visions and opinions from people all over the world. Throughout the film, the viewer is taken to Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, South Africa, Cuba, Berlin, Goslar, London, Brussel-Molenbeek, Oslo, and New York. “To find our common humanity, we need this global perspective in our global village,” explains Hoffmann. ‘We are one world of diversity.’

Straight-forward, and simple – the film’s powerful message at the end: promoting Codes of Tolerance, using no less than 48 statements from all the Champions of Tolerance and young people in the film.

We all need a new thinking to be successful – as demanded by Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge – we can’t solve the problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”