God’s DNA is Diversity

The film LOVE IS TOLERANCE – TOLERANCE IS LOVE – Make Tolerance Great Again! argues: 

God’s DNA is diversity. Life is diversity.

It is the common belief of Christians, Muslims and Jews that God has created all human beings in His image and likeness.

Tolerance means love for God’s work.

The establishment of a totalitarian theocracy on earth, built to favor one set of humans, strongly contradicts the original code.

God’s code of creation: the diversity of life.

He presents Himself in billions of different human beings and in hundreds of thousands of different flowers and animals which inhabit our world.

Numerous scientists speak of “biodiversity.”

The famous Museum of Natural History in Berlin defines this diversity and abundance of life forms as ‘mere immeasurable’ and as a ‘mystery of nature.’ Time and time again, life has sought new ways to flourish and adapt. In all cells God has deposited genetic information but also the chance for new combinations in the DNA codes of the chromosomes.

We humans have 23 chromosome pairs. Our egg and sperm cells contain only one set of chromosomes (meiosis). Each individual sex cell differs with regard to its genetic information because due to meiosis there are manifold combinations and recombinations. These combinations of characteristics are the reservoir for biodiversity and adaptation to new environmental conditions. During sexual reproduction parents are not simply reproduced, rather is diversity generated. In the fusion of sperm and egg cells, a new cell comes into being; half of its double set of chromosomes comes from each parent. In this way, a constant recombination of the genetic material is guaranteed and diversity is made possible. The power of life lies in this sacred diversity.

The original meaning of life is the creation of diversity and individuality.

It should be clear to whoever believes in God and his creation of life that God created and wants diversity.

Diversity is part of creation and the DNA of life; it is life.

Whoever wants to create unity from diversity, therefore, opposes both this plurality of God’s world order and the desire for tolerance.
Whoever, as a human being, pushes for homogeneity and persecutes people of other faith traditions, races, and minorities, sins against this great God-given blueprint for life.

Tolerance and respect for others correspond to the praise of God in his diverse creation.

These good practices and behaviors are emphasized in the Qur’an as well. In Surah 5:48 God acknowledges this diversity in the thinking and actions of human beings, ‘For every community, we decreed a law and a way of life. Had God willed, He could have made you a single community – but in order to test you in what He revealed to you. So live with one another in virtue. To God is your homecoming, all of you, and He will then acquaint you with that over which you differed.’ This Surah emphasizes the God-willed differences in faith and a peaceful struggle for the truth, as communicated to the people by the prophets.
The final judgment on whether a path of life pleases God is left to Him and not to other human beings. Only then, and only through Him, will judgment be rendered.

From the book “Love is Tolerance” by Hubertus Hoffmann