Codes of Tolerance for Parents

  1. Treat every child like your own, with much love.
  2. Do not educate any children to hate others, but teach them respect for life, religions and other cultures. Give your children values for their path of life; respect, tolerance, compassion and love of humanity. Convey to them the afore mentioned Codes of Tolerance, which we should all embrace and practice.
  3. Protect your children against the temptations of radical preachers of hatred and confront these with determination.
  4. Your children should be educated to become self-confident and show consideration, because only then can a meaningful coexistence be made possible.
  5. Your children should also interact with children of other faith traditions or ethnic groups at home, in kindergarten, or at school.
  6. Children of migrants should from early on receive in play both the elements of their own culture and those of the host country. These children should learn both languages and grow both parts of their own personality. Furthermore, they should learn additional languages, in particular English. Foreign languages are important bridges to foreign cultures and mentalities. Migrant mothers and fathers should also learn the language of the respective country and pass it on to their children. The parents are responsible for whether or not their children become open to another culture and lifestyle in their new home country, or if they isolate themselves instead.

Best practices:

  1. Invite children of other religions and races to play. Events such as birthday parties are examples of the perfect opportunity in which you can explain cultural differences with your children.
  2. Do not isolate your children in their ethnic and religious group, but build bridges. Integrate them with others in sports and youth groups.
  3. Organize a joint painting session with children from different racial and religious backgrounds. Actively support the youth groups within your community.
  4. Teach your children to be proud of their roots, language and religion, but not arrogant.
  5. Advocate courageously for the learning of respect and tolerance in your child’s kindergarten and school. Request visits to other places of worship and teach about world religions. Become active if you suspect discrimination against other children who do not fit “the norm”.
  6. As a parent, participate and become active in public events. Support local initiatives that promote coexistence. For example, the “District Mothers” throughout German cities serve as guides, and introduce their district to migrant families while advising them how to settle down in their new home country (

From the book “Love is Tolerance” by Hubertus Hoffmann