Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens): Need Education About Tolerance at School

Hubertus Hoffmann met backstage with famous singer Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens), talking about Islam and tolerance for the documentary LOVE IS TOLERANCE.

He demanded a reform of the media coverage of other groups, “The media has to reform to create a more balanced picture of the cultures.”

When asked about Islam and terror he responded, “More than one billion Muslims live harmless, maybe cultural different. If you look at the Qur’an the referent points are very important. There are marvelous comments on Abraham, the teaching of Moses or Jesus, all encamped in the teaching of Qur’an. That is a positive, not negative.”

At the end of the documentary, the singer wishes a better education for all children:

“It would be great if each child learns the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or we give them The Ten Commandments. That would fix everything. You have to give education about tolerance at school. Therefore the teachers have to be educated themselves.”