First ‘Minister of Tolerance’ in the World – A Muslim Woman in UAE

Who was the first ‘Minister of Tolerance’ in the world, appointed in 2016 until October 2017?  It is a woman. In the Arab world at the Gulf. A Muslim. Her name is Her Highness Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi (pictured above with Director Hubertus Hoffmann). In Hoffman’s new documentary, LOVE IS TOLERANCE, she speaks about tolerance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), women rights and religious freedom.

“We see a typhoon of negativity and hate worldwide”, stated Sheikha Lubna, asking everybody to promote mutual understanding.

“We all stand united against terrorism, discrimination, and extremism. This is the only way to stop Daesh (IS, ISIS) or Al Qaida. By looking at our values, by rejoicing our differences and embracing the diversity in which we live. We should not look at someone because they have a different color or do not wear the same clothes as less than us. On the contrary, we learn from one another. All societies should drive this when we speak about tolerance and love. The path itself is the path of tolerance we should all travel through and end with love, peace, prosperity.”

Sheikha Lubna is now president of Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, where 6000 women get equal education. “In our generation, we took it for granted. The communication and dialog among the youth worldwide and influential bloggers should be advocates of tolerance. They should speak about good values, positivity, and tolerance.”