From Aleppo to Goslar – Back to Aleppo?

The former commander of the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo and his wife Hala Kamil, were fighting against dictator Assad for a free Syria since 2012.

He was kidnapped by ISIS and most probably killed.

In 2015, she and her four children fled via Turkey to Goslar, Germany (Director Hubertus Hoffmann’s hometown).

In “LOVE IS TOLERANCE- TOLERANCE IS LOVE – Make Tolerance Great Again!” she and her children talk about their desire to return to Aleppo, as they all miss their home so much.

Kamil said, “I am Muslim with hijab. I come here, but make no harm to anybody. I hope to stay alive to see that every war is finished and to return with my children back to my homeland.”

Her heartbreaking story has been documented in the film, Watani: My Homeland, co-produced by Hubertus Hoffmann. It was nominated for the Oscars short documentary, won an EMMY and the German Television Award in 2017.