No Tolerance for Intolerance in Berlin

The famous Berlin Art Weekend hosted a room of tolerance in The Grand house in Berlin Mitte, organized by Proud Collectors.

Hubertus Hoffmann and PC Neumann showed the horror of intolerance in a video cut on TV.

Hoffmann’s neon installation “no tolerance for intolerance” gave the room its red light and main slogan.

Several Codes of Tolerance run through LED on the other side of the tolerance room, which showed as well the book Love is Tolerance in different languages and souvenirs for the tolerance research tour of the author.

Two smaller triptychs by Tom Lemke and Hubertus Hoffmann showed the Champions of Tolerance Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama.

The main demands of this political action art:

Silent majority rise up – Do not leave too much room for the few radicals!