Art of Tolerance at Art Cologne

The Global Tolerance Initiative shows The Art of Tolerance at the Art Cologne fair in the German city at the Rhine river from April 25 to 29, 2017.

As a special event in 2017, the Art Cologne presente The Art of Tolerance at the Art Cologne VIP Club, as an art installation for the promotion of tolerance vis-à- vis different religions and ethnic minorities.

This political action art – in the footsteps and tradition of active artists like Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono and Ai Wei Wei – includes the demand to the silent majority to stand up for tolerance, diversity and humanity and not leave too much room for the preachers of intolerance:

Silent majority rise up! is one of the core demands.

God’s DNA is diversity reminds us all to the core of human life in the endless universe.

No tolerance for intolerance demands a progressive active policy of each of us against radicals to save our global village from hate and terror.

This unique exhibition is curated by PC Neumann from Basel in Switzerland.

The Art of Tolerance show is an art answer to Trump, AfD, Le Pen, ISIS, dictator mullahs, hate mongers, ultra-nationalists, extremists and terrorists, promoting no tolerance for intolerance.

Artist Hubertus Hoffmann has discussed how to promote tolerance and contain hate and terror with the five Nobel peace Prize Laureates His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Malala Yousafzai, Kailash Satyarthi, Shimon Peres and Lech Walesa, as well as Yuzsuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Ehud Barak, Archbishop Alfons Nossol, Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarack Al Nahyan, Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh and the new tolerance minister of the UAE, Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi. He followed Pope Francis on his historic trip to the Holy Land in 2014. His book Love is Tolerance has been published in four languages.

A prototype of The Globe of Tolerance is shown too.

This bronze by Hubertus Hoffmann shows quotes from prominent Champions of Tolerance in nine different languages and is a global symbol of tolerance and respect showing the global consensus of humanity.

They include Nelson Mandela, Pope John II, Sheikh Zayed, Confucius, Hillel The Elder, King Frederick The Great, Immanuel Kant, Voltaire and John Lennon.

He invites the collector to add his quote of tolerance to a unique individual bronze and co-produce his own globe of tolerance together.

Hoffmann’s new neon installation The Codes of Tolerance consists of six mirror boxes ( 90 cm x 90 cm each) with red neon signs inside containing The Codes of Tolerance.

These are selected from his book “Love is Tolerance” and represent the wisdom of tolerance from all over the world..

” god’s dna – is – diversity” – “love is tolerance – tolerance is love” – – “don’t trump – love your neigbors” -“treat others-the way-you want-to be treated” – “no tolerance-for intolerance” – “silent-majority-rise-up”.

Together with Berlin photographer Tom Lemke Hoffmann developed portraits of several The Champions of Tolerance.

In Cologne two triptychons with His Holinesses the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis are shown.

The Art of Tolerance show is dedicated to the memory of Tom Lemke, who passed away in April 2017.

The Champions of Tolerance Project by Hubertus Hoffmann – in cooperation with Tom Lemke and Esra Rotthoff – presents portraits of well-known people and the unsung, hidden champions from different cultures around the world.

Three photos in black and white are combined as triptychons. Along with individual stories, they demonstrate that a better world with more tolerance and respect is possible. All over the globe. Step by step. With courage and strong individual engagement.

His Global Tolerance Initiative  advocates the promotion of tolerance and respect toward all religions and ethnic minorities, containing radicals of all kinds. For more details on upcoming shows and projects, visit

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Bronze, each unique with individual mix of different quotes in several 
languages- the collector can even choose one own quote of tolerance to 
add to his unique individual bronze globe of tolerance.
Diameter 30 cm, stand 10 cm high - € 28,000 + VAT

Six light boxes as one mirror edition of 15 plus 2 artist's proof (AP),neon, plexiglas, one-way-mirror,powder-coated aluminum, electronic light sequencer, transformers, each signed, titled and dated on the reverse, each light box 90 x 90 x 11 cm (35.43 x 35.43 x 4.33 in.). Overall 270 x 180 x 11 cm (106.29 x 70.86 x 4.33 in.) Executed in 2017 this work is from an edition of 15 plus 2 artist's proofs- all six € 55,000 plus VAT
Tom Lemke and Hubertus Hoffmann, THE CHAMPIONS OF TOLERANCE 
Triptychons with three pictures each- C-print under acrylic glass, flush- mounted to alu-dibond- each picture 201 x 151cm- Large size edition 9 +2 AP- all three no 1-3 € 20,000 + VAT- Medium size edition- 15 + 2 AP, each 120 x 80 cm- all three € 12,000 + VAT, Small size edition 999- each 40 x 30 cm - all three € 1,950 + VAT.

As sold by the artist, the reduced German VAT is seven instead of ninteen percent.
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Opening preview: Tuesday, April 25, 4–8pm By Special Invitation

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 Open to the public:
 April 26-28, 11am-7pm- April 29, 11–6pm