We Celebrate Pope Francis as Our Global Champion of Tolerance Easter 2017

Pope Francis is one of our eminent Champions of Tolerance.

The Global Tolerance Initiative supports his credible promotion of love and tolerance with a political street art action Easter 2017 in Rome.

It is part of our art projects. The photos were made during his visit in the Holy Land in 2014 by Tom Lemke and Hubertus Hoffmann.

We distribute and place 500 of these Pope Posters above on bill boards around the Vatican from April 10th to 20th, 2017.


We celebrate with this action a Pope of love, tolerance and mercy during Easter 2017, as a sign of hope for us all, whether we are Christians or not.

In times of so many crisis, wars, refugees and hate, he is our Lighthouse of Hope in Rome.

Read more about this street art action in Rome and what is written on the Pope Posters.